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Update Your Home or Business

Along with the huge safety aspects, the benefits of hiring a knowledgeable and professionally trained electrician are almost never ending. Everything from keeping your home or business clear from future problems to saving money are some of the things you can expect when hiring the skillfully qualified electrician experts at Fisbeck Electric. Visit us on Facebook ™ for daily updates and information.

Protect Your Home

Whether you are building a new home or adding to an existing one, we are able to provide full electrical services for you in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. If you need to move recepticles for more convenience or add new lights for a warmer and more inviting feel, you are taken care of. If there are any difficulties with your pre-existing electrical work we are able to troubleshoot the problem and will install temporary generators until we resolve it in the best way possible.

Electrical Wiring Repair

Update Your Business

At Fisbeck Electric, commercial contracts are our forte. Our wide variety of experienced services can lend itself to updating your business and end your worry. We specialize in everything your business needs whether it is fixing current issues or adding new electrical to your building. Unlike bigger electrical companies specializing in commercial agreements, we work directly with you and deliver the best solutions for you and your company.

Commercial Experience Includes:

• Mobil Concrete Plants • Schools • Office Buildings
•Gas Stations • CNG

24 Hour Electrician

We know it's very important you to keep lights and power working in your family home or business. In times of need, we offer our 24 hour electrical services to help you when other businesses are closed. Our service calls are billed at a rate of $85.00 per hour. We currently accept cash, check, Visa™, and MasterCard™ for your convenience.